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Vignola Iris

Vignola Iris






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Via -------, ----- La Spezia (SP)

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| Casa Editrice Boulevard Books

Asaliah was the only unhappy Guardian Angel of Paradise, so he requested and obtained from God
to return to their robes half-human, to live his life with the neurosurgeon who had known, in that
operating room where he was last operated. He married and had Yezalel, his daughter, but,
unfortunately, his life was overshadowed by the presence of demonic entities that haunted her,
coming to abduct her ...child, at the age of five years, to lead her to hell, where learned a terrible
I want to give a small part of my book,
for sale on the major web channels, will come home in paper.
The night is completely dark, void of the silvery paleness of the moon that has gone into hiding
behind dark clouds, swollen with rain and covering the whole sky. Even the stars seem to have
disappeared. A strong wind has risen, whistling threateningly.
Suddenly, a lightning tears the air followed by a powerful thunder. The blaze has lightened for just a
moment the charcoal black sky. More lightnings follow the first, and thunders so violent they startle
most of the people sleeping, or at least trying to do so. Above New York and the north of Manhattan
a strong spring storm is raging, as it hadn’t done in years. Those who are still on the streets looking
for some fun in the warm New York night cannot do anything but run, while it pours. They cover
their heads with jackets or purses, and find refuge inside overcrowded bars and restaurants.
Sheets of violent rain are pouring down, rattling loudly the windowpanes. The flare of another
lightning tears the complete darkness of the angry sky and lights up Yezalel’s bedroom for a
moment. It illuminates two shapes, silhouetted against the window and slowly approaching the little
girl’s bed. A gust of freezing air wafts a strange smell of sulfur in, permeating the entire room. Kyra,
who was sleeping calmly in a corner inside her wicker basket, is now fully awake and watches the
two entities creep forward, waiting still for something terrible to happen. Her senses perceive the
evil fluid they emanate. Just a feeble groan escapes her mouth.
Altazar and Damien look Kyra in the eyes, striking a palpable terror into the cub, and then direct the
flaming gazes to the little girl, who is sound asleep.
Her face with perfect features is really beautiful: the red and well-designed lips are just like her
father’s, the big eyes with long eyelashes resemble her mother’s. The fair golden blond hair framed
the picture and little curls fall down her head to the brow, the cheeks, the shoulders, where the evil
angels’ piercing demonic eyes linger. The kid’s angelic nature is coming to light, two little wings
are growing and soon they will be impossible to hide. The time has come at last…
Another blinding lightning radiates through the pitch-black room. Yezalel suddenly opens her eyes,
as if some inner force had warned her of the immediate danger.
For just a second she meets their dreadful eyes and she screams, she screams at the top of her lungs.
“Mommy, daddy!”
Asaliah and Mikael rush inside her room. The demons have disappeared and darkness has engulfed
everything again. They turn on the light. The little girl has hidden herself under the sheets, scared to
death and sobbing.
“The monsters, the monsters,” she keeps repeating through the tears. Kyra is frightened too, and is
shaking in her kennel.
“Don’t worry honey, there’s no one here. It was just a nightmare,” says her mother, uncovering her
tiny blond head.
“No mommy. I really saw them,” she persists in saying in between the sobs.
“You know what? We are moving your bed to mum and dad’s room, so the monsters will not dare to
come back.”
“Can we take Kyra too?”
“Of course angel.”
“They really did came inside. Yezalel wasn’t dreaming, the moment we entered her bedroom I
sensed their presence, their smell,” whispers Asaliah to her husband, shaking upset. She knows the
nightmare has just begun.


Boulevard Books is Proud to Publish Italian Celebrity Author Iris Vignola
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Celebrity Italian author Iris Vignola sign with New York based boutique publishing house Boulevard
New York based publishing company Boulevard has
expanded into international markets by publishing Italian
best selling author Iris Vignola
Iris Vignola was born in La Spezia, Italy where she lives still.
Her forthcoming book is Nel Fantastico Mondo delle Fiabe
(Into the Fantastic World of Fairy Tales) a book of twelve
tales, published in two different editions, with new
illustrations. The first, The veiled Princess was the theme of
the first theatrical performance of the Academy of Dance "La
Maison de la Danse" of La Spezia, Italy, founded and
directed by her daughter Emmanuelle Ricco. Her books of
Poetry are published in Italy, the first written together with
the poet Horion Enky: Unico amore – Non sogno e non
realtà – Dinanzi a me, c'è solo il mondo. She is currently
writing the third text of the fantasy trilogy Dynasty of Light
(La Stirpe di Luce).
Asaliah's choice (La scelta di Asaliah), the first, has been recently published by Boulevard Books in the
Italian and English versions.